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Four ways to manifest happiness

Manifesting moves thoughts to reality to help you create the life you want.

The following are four ways you can manifest your goals to become achievements.



Visualisation is the process of becoming clear in your mind with what you want specifically. We see this approach commonly used in the world of sport where many competitors prior to an event will visualise succeeding in vivid detail. You can use visualisation in your everyday life to set goals for the day ahead.



Meditation is a practice that trains and calms the mind. You can benefit from meditation by finding a quiet space, sitting up straight and watching your breath with your eyes closed or slightly open. Five to ten minutes a day can significantly improve your mood, clarity and awareness.



The practice of gratitude is about bringing images and thoughts to your mind of things you appreciate. This activity enables you to savour the good and create a feeling of contentment. You can practice gratitude in the form of meditative thoughts, quiet refection, expression to others of your appreciation or by writing a personal gratitude journal.



Affirmations are the strongest way you can talk to yourself and cut through any layers of resistance or limiting beliefs that you may have. A quick and simple approach can be achieved by reminding yourself twenty one times of a powerful positive statement about yourself such as, “I am good enough”.


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Thanks Mark

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