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When working with clients I utilsie a model called MORE.

This model written by myself transforms confidence, happiness and emotional resilience in four simple steps:

M 'Moment' 

An evaluation of your current confidence, happiness and emotional resilience

O 'Options' 

A review what you want to stop, start and continue in your professional, personal and private life.

R 'Response'

Co creation of a plan to support short, medium and long term personal transformation 

E 'Excellence'

Exercises to enable you to reach your personal best through continual progress.

The More model adapts itself to create bespoke solutions for each individual's situation.

The material takes inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and corporate strategy which I have studied and been a part of for the last two decades.



Available globally via Zoom.

I will support you reduce worry, calm your mind, reconnect with your confidence and co create a plan to improve your life with accountable habits.


My 121 coaching enables fast improvement with the following points:

✔️ Anxiety, stress, worry

✔️ Over thinking

✔️ Addictions

✔️ Limiting beliefs 

✔️ Self worth

✔️ Confidence 

✔️ Perfectionism 

✔️ Public speaking 

✔️ Emotional resilience 

£60 for a 60-minute session.

20 years experience in
personal development

98% of clients would
recommend me

Trusted by celebrities & World champions across 12 countries


My intention is to support lasting and impactful change. 

Every moment is tailored to the individual through carefully selected questions and deep listening exercises.

My commitment is to assist the individual to achieve greater clarity on:

  • Priorities

  • Strategies 

  • Effective communication 

  • Resilience

  • Reduce worries 

  • Removing self-doubt

  • Success in all environments

  • Greater life balance

£75 for a 60-minute session.


20 years experience in
leadership development

100% of leaders would
recommend me

Trusted by businesses &
influential across 12 countries



With over five hundred hours of coaching analysed from this year here is what we have learned:

✔️ 100% of the leaders we have worked with stated they are now clearer on the future they want to create.
✔️ 100% of these leaders would recommend us to other leaders.
✔️100% of our Teenagers we worked with passed exams at that time.
✔️ 100% of our Trust Pilot and Google reviews are five stars.
✔️ 100% of clients benefited from a free initial Discovery call.
✔️ 98% of our clients stated their happiness, confidence and emotional resilience improved after five sessions.
✔️ 98% of our clients said they would refer us to friends and family.
✔️ 95% of our clients believe their anxieties have reduced after five sessions.


Make now your time to start


Book a free discovery call

Learn how things work and see if I am right to help you make progress


Book a coaching session

Book a first session or follow up with me over the phone or on Zoom


Make payment

Utilise our protected payment system via the Paypal link


Every conversation counts and I believe everyone should receive world-class service.

Here is what my clients say:


Mark has been guiding me through some areas of my life over the past 18 months were I had forgotten how to be myself through a lot of external pressures . To say that Mark has changed my life is an understatement in how he has equipped me to manage situations again in my life. I now managed life situations with more ease thanks to Mark .
Highly highly recommend Mark



Mark has had an amazing positive impact on my life over the last few months. I would highly recommend him, he puts reality, perspective, order, encouragement and belief into my thoughts and aspirations. Which leaves me motivated and not overwhelmed seeing results not excuses and looking forward to the future! Thanks mark



I heard about mark from Chloe Ferry’s story’s and I don’t know how I’ve lived without him in my life



Mark is a brilliant life coach and is very patient and understanding with me. Helping me set reasonable goals and feeling like I can achieve them. So far so good! Glad I made the decision to work with him. Definitely recommend.



Highly recommend. At first I was a little skeptical as coaching sessions is something I haven’t done before but I’m so glad I now have!
I am about to take my fourth session and in this small amount of time encourage me has helped massively. One main thing I have found useful from coaching is viewing things with a different perspective. It has not only helped me cope with difficult emotions but also business and work goals.
Despite being nervous for my first session I felt super at ease within the first 5 minutes. Encourage coach mark has an amazing personality and very easy to get along with in the sessions.
I can’t recommend enough ! Look forward to my future sessions.



Mark has provided me with exceptional coaching over the past two years which has led to both career advancement and personal performance improvement. I would not hesitate in recommending his support to others. Very professional.



Mark has changed my life just at the right time, I found myself at a tricky crossroads in life, always very hard on myself and allowed myself too much thinking time, he taught me how to turn things around to the brighter side of life.. thanks Mark on my ongoing journey 🙏



Mark is a brilliant coach, would recommend to anyone looking to improve themselves!



Amazing just amazing
Help motivate and encourage me to see myself in a new way, could not recommend enough.



Mark is a very caring person, a great inspiration to others, always has time for individuals and people in general.
Very enthusiastic in everything he does.
One of the best human beings I have had the pleasure to meet!



I have recently only been working with mark, heard from him off Chloe ferry and Bethan kershaws story’s on Instagram!
He is hands down the best person to speak to, can message him any day any time you need to and he is always there on the other end!
I have had all kinds of therapy and I feel as he is the right person to stay with.. had 2 sessions and can already feel a little more relaxed then normal he understands everything I have to say and speak about and try’s different ways to make you think.
100% 10/10 and I will never look back.



Mark has been a tremendous support to me over the past year, really challenging me to think differently and work on my self belief. A great coach with a true passion to help others.



I recently attended an Encourage coaching webinar and I was blown away with Mark's energy. For me, things that are important when hiring a coach and investing in yourself is that they are authentic and really do have your goals and dreams as their strategy to help push you forward.
Mark shared some very personal insights into his own life and how he overcame these life changing events and more importantly how he did it, showing his own vulnerability was key to me. Mark really built trust within the group and did say very quickly too.
I left the webinar knowing "I am good enough" and that "i've got this" I also left with some basic great knowledge around meditation as well as gratification, we are all so busy in life that I think a lot of us forget just how much we have already achieved, Mark brought that back home to the group with a simple exercise that can form part of your day.
Overall Mark is a great coach and I would recommend Mark to any of my friends and coworkers too.



Fantastic work from Mark. Great advice in a timely manner & positive encouragment that helped me make the move to my new employer. I highly recommend Encourage & Mark Elliott to anyone, even if things are going well Mark will help you become a better version of a younger version of yourself you thought you long since lost. Brilliant.



I have been following Mark online for a while. I started using the day sheet he sent me and it really help me get the most out my day. Mark is a great coach I have learnt so much from over the years. If your feeling lost and need some support reach out to Mark. Highly recommend him.



I attended a webinar by Mark and once it ended I felt full of inspiration and hope. Mark is a great speaker, making you feel relaxed and ready to change your life. I would highly recommend him to anyone.



Mark never fails to inspire me, and his passion and desire to help others and improve their lives is phenomenal. He talks with honesty and authenticity, and offers realistic and practical advice that really does make a difference.



Encourage Coaching is just that, it encourages you to look at your skills and believe in your employability. Mark is inspirational and motivational, and has the ability to unlock a persons potential and the weekly Zoom calls create a forum for like minded people in the same situation to share best practice, and provides you with great hints and tips for interview processes and facing the challenges which redundancy can bring. Overall I would highly recommend Encourage Coaching.



As with many others, Mark was a source of encouragement and motivation when I was made redundant. I had so many feelings I was struggling to process as a result, and although I was putting on a brave face, it was a really tough time. Group calls with Mark helped me connect to a community who were all going through the same thing which was invaluable. In 121 chats he would help me recognise my strengths and champion those like I was the best person he'd ever met! Having that level of encouragement, support and positivity in my corner helped me secure interview after interview. He built my confidence to a place where I actually got offered and took a role I'd never have put myself forward for otherwise. Mark is one of a kind when it comes to seeing the potential in people and I would highly recommend him



Mark has mentored me over the past 12 months and I could not recommend him enough!



I was sceptical like many would be, you think you know yourself better than anyone right?
Not in my case, Mark helped me to look at things in a totally different way.


I'd have no hesitation to recommend Encourage to anyone with a busy lifestyle or who wants to be their best self.


Mark has been a mentor of mine for years and truly is inspirational! His superpower is being able to take everything I have going on in my mind and help me get really clear on what I want to achieve, he’s a master at making it simple.



I got in touch with Mark this year and I’m so pleased I did. Mark has been a great support to me, he’s helped me with many situations I have faced and given me great tools on how to deal with these situations. Mark hasn’t just been a great life coach he’s been a great mentor and I look forward to carrying my sessions with him in 2021.



Mark at Encourage Coaching has been nothing short of life changing for me. His motivation is so infectious and his dynamic and energetic style has worked wonders for my mental health. It all started with a free consultation and I’ve never looked back



Mark was a great support during a time of personal redundancy and job loss. Marks coaching was on point and helped me maintain a sense of self belief and gave me practical ways to help prepare for interviews



Whilst facing a redundancy encourage coaching has been a fantastic helping hand at a time when it is really needed. Mark has a such a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from and has helped me to assess my values / purpose, gain clarity on my next move and create a targeted plan to achieve it. Not forgetting to look after my own well being through the process. Highly recommended 5/5 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 



30% sales increase v pre Covid
Highest levels of team and customer engagement 5 star !!



After facing redundancy my self esteem dropped and I took it very personally. Mark has a way of really digging into your amazing traits and motivating you to become successful. After joining a few of his zoom calls I nailed an interview and found my dream job! His motivation and encouragement is so inspiration. Brilliant company and a legend himself. Highly recommend! Thank you so much for all your help!



Mark is an outstanding individual, who brings bags and bags full of energy, wisdom and experience. Mark started coaching and supporting me during lock down and when I was made redundant, he pro actively put a support call in place with lots of others in the same position. Mark also kept in touch regularly and was always on the end of the phone if I needed support. I would fully recommend Mark and Encouragecoaching .. You won’t regret


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