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Our short courses tackle some of the most common challenges people face such as low confidence, fear and lack of organisation.

The courses take place on Zoom with three one hour sessions for each course.

In the sessions I look at the cause and solution to each particular problem with new skills and techniques introduced.

The courses priced at £29 come with a work book to accompany the live video content. 

Previous clients utilising the content have seen a significant increase in confidence, wellbeing and personal happiness.

From this course you will achieve:

Improved self talk

✔️ Reduction in self doubt 

✔️ Reduction in over thinking

✔️ Increased self esteem

✔️ Greater self confidence 

✔️ Reduction in fear 

✔️ Techniques to manage challenging moments 

✔️ New habits to improve your life 

✔️ A long term plan to be your best each day

How to attend a course in 3 easy steps:

1 - Book via box below 

2 - Receive a welcome email with link from me 

3 - Turn up at the designated day and time via the link


Best Coach in the UK.

I recently attended an Encourage coaching webinar and I was blown away with Mark's energy. For me, things that are important when hiring a coach and investing in yourself is that they are authentic and really do have your goals and dreams as their strategy to help push you forward.

Mark shared some very personal insights into his own life and how he overcame these life changing events and more importantly how he did it, showing his own vulnerability was key to me. Mark really built trust within the group and did say very quickly too.

I left the webinar knowing "I am good enough" and that "i've got this" I also left with some basic great knowledge around meditation as well as gratification, we are all so busy in life that I think a lot of us forget jus how much we have already achieved, Mark brought that back home to the group with a simple exercise that can form part of your day.

Overall Mark is a great coach and I would recommend Mark to any of my friends and coworkers too.

Alan S.

Take a step back and breathe

I have been following Mark online for a while. I started using the day sheet he sent me and it really help me get the most out my day. Mark is a great coach I have learnt so much from over the years. If your feeling lost and need some support reach out to Mark. Highly recommend him.

Happy S

I would recommend him to anyone.

I attended a webinar by Mark and once it ended I felt full of inspiration and hope. Mark is a great speaker, making you feel relaxed and ready to change your life. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Mark never fails to inspire me

Mark never fails to inspire me, and his passion and desire to help others and improve their lives is phenomenal. He talks with honesty and authenticity, and offers realistic and practical advice that really does make a difference.

Darren J


90% of people who attended the weekly sessions stated self confidence improved.
85% of people who attended the weekly sessions stated fear reduced in their lives.
85% of people who attended the weekly sessions stated their work life balance improved.

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