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Four simple steps to solve a problem

Have you ever been stuck when facing a problem and without realising your energy has dropped? If so, you are not alone, I have been there many times myself.

The feeling of being trapped without an immediate light at the end of the tunnel can lead to anxiety, stress, and fear growing.

Through being in this position more times than I wish to remember I have devised a simple four-step approach called the MORE model to help you become calmer, happier, and confident when facing a challenge.

Here is the approach below:

Step 1: Moment

Write down what exactly is your problem

Step 2: Options

Write down everything you can do to solve the problem

Step 3: Resolve

Circle from the list of possibilities which actions you are going to commit to doing.

Step 4: Engage

From the circled list select which action you are going to start with first.

One action at a time can make a huge difference when they all add up over time enabling you to gain real momentum and progress.

Good luck trying this approach I hope it is of benefit to you at work and home.

My name is Mark Elliott I am a coach who helps people change their states of mind becoming calmer, happier, and more confident.

If you have enjoyed this article there are more available via the link below

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