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Three ways you can look after yourself and others.

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Welcome back to ‘Three Thoughts Thursday’ Within this weekly blog I will share the three thoughts that have been at the front of my mind over the last few days. I hope these three thoughts can be of benefit to you.

Look after your body

On a scale of one to ten (ten being good), how would you score your sleep, water consumption, diet, and exercise across 2023? I have found significant benefits in consciously improving these areas. I have made this step change for two reasons: to enjoy the here and now more, and to protect my health in the future.

Look after your mind

If we think of our mind like a glass of water once we pour something into that glass it will take a long time to become clear. We allow so many things into our minds each day creating unease and unrest. Finding a moment of calm each day to reflect, recharge and reset is a non-negotiable to sustain good mental health.

Look after others

In Buddhism, the role of a Boddhisatva is to live for the benefit of others. This thought is such a powerful alternative to the life we live constantly trying to fulfill our needs. A Boddhisatva will always find happiness as their work is like a tree that never runs out of fruit. This Easter is there someone you can turn your attention to and live for the benefit of their happiness?

I wish you well in all your endeavors.

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Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

Whatever you do always believe in yourself, Mark.

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