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Never make anyone scared of you as they will not come to you when they need you most

Welcome back to ‘Three Thoughts Thursday’ Within this weekly blog I will share the three thoughts that have been at the front of my mind over the last few days. I hope these three thoughts can be of benefit to you. This week my thoughts centre around an inspiring man who shaped my life his name is Steve Mckenzie.

The headline of this blog is one of the many lessons I learned from Steve.


I met Steve McKenzie in my mid-teens, he came into my life around the time I lost my mother and my father had a breakdown. Steve was a rock to me offering friendship, guidance, and support, he wanted nothing in return. Steve was a stoic, sage, and strong man, he was an inspiration to me and many more. Professionally, Steve was a drug counselor he had the highest moral compass, values, and integrity. On the day of his funeral, the church and car park were standing-room only. He adored his family protecting them and providing for them, and he was the centre of their world. I will always be grateful to Steve for making me feel safe, helping me grow up, and giving me advice to try and live the right life. He created an amazing legacy.

Unconditional friendship

I remember when my mother passed he immediately came to see me and put two weeks' holiday in at work. He said “I am here for you” probably the most powerful words I have ever heard. Those two weeks could not have been fun for him, he wanted nothing in return. Steve undoubtedly unearthed, shaped and encouraged my better qualities.


Whether it be the short sharp advice or the belly-laughing moments of watching Newcastle score with the last kick of the game in Europe what an example his presence was in moving a person from sadness to momentary joy and a place of refuge. At his funeral (around 25 years ago) I was truly shocked and moved to be described as one of his family and in writing this I hope it inspires someone to have this kind of impact on another person's life. They say you should never meet your hero I did and I tell you that it was amazing and I will always be grateful to you Steve.

Steve McKenzie - forever true.

Thanks for reading.


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