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Five ways to start your day

Welcome back to ‘Three thoughts Thursday’ within this weekly blog I will share the three thoughts that have been at the front of my mind over the last few days. I hope these three thoughts can be of benefit to you.

Find time

My life is transformed by constantly finding ten minutes in the morning to meditate and remind myself of my strengths and what I am grateful for. I know for sure without this time I don’t function as well however with this time the world is slower, I am calmer and clearer in my thinking.

Habits and rituals

Good habits and rituals are so important because they will be what we turn to in our most challenging times. Habits are best formed when they are simple activities that we want to perform as we see the long-term benefit in them.

Five ways to start your day

My ten minutes in the morning is roughly made up of five minutes of meditation which calms my breathing. Followed by one minute of gratitude, the quickest way I have found to connect with joy. One minute of affirmations to cut through any layers of resistance in my thinking. One minute visualising the day I would like to live. Finally, one minute confirming the three most important activities in the day ahead so I am clear and not overwhelmed.

I wish you well in all your endeavors.

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Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

Whatever you do always believe in yourself, Mark.

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