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What is coaching?

What is coaching?



Are you looking for the fastest and most personalised way to become the best version of yourself?

Our life coaching sessions are entirely centred in supporting you progress from where you are to where you want to be in the quickest time possible. During the pandemic many personal challenges have surfaced such as working from home, relationship breakdown and excess weight being gained. As a coach I specialise in reducing anxiety whilst improving confidence, happiness and resilience


Do you need to raise your game at the most pivotal point of your career whilst maintaining a work life balance?

After an extremely challenging twelve months resilience has kept many businesses afloat, agile navigation is now required to progress.
As we reset and reform post lockdown leaders reflect on what is required for their customers, people, business and themselves. 

Our sessions support effective decision making, continuous individual growth and the maintenance of personal wellbeing. 

Mark at Encourage Coaching has been nothing short of life changing for me. His motivation is so infectious and his dynamic and energetic style has worked wonders for my mental health. It all started with a free consultation and I’ve never looked back


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