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  • Mark elliott

Two simple exercises to grow your self-confidence

Research indicates we experience between sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day of which around eight percent of those thoughts are negative. It is also believed we talk to ourselves ten thousand times a day “Radio ME’ is on full blast all day. These thoughts tend to think about three things work, home life and personal perceptions fluctuating between the past in most cases guilt or the future in most cases anxiety.

Does this sound remotely familiar? If so, the best way we can bring a fresh approach to this current position is to hold view of our self and our potential at a higher level. How can you do this? Improve your own self confidence.

High confidence leads to more decisions which stops over thinking. Two quick exercises you can do to improve your self-confidence and reach what is called a peak state are below:

1. Think for three or four moments what was the greatest thing you have ever achieved in your life? When you had achieved this what did you say? What did you feel? What did you think? I encourage you to really connect with this thought, it could be a goal achieved personally or professionally or recovering from adversity.