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How to take care of your mind

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Welcome back to 'Three thoughts Thursday’ within this weekly blog I will share the three thoughts that have been at the front of my mind over the last few days. I hope these three thoughts can be of benefit to you.

Train the mind If we wish to obtain greater physical health we would eat well and work out. After some time results and benefits develop. If we wish to obtain greater mental health, we must train the mind. The most reliable method I have found is meditation. There are endless studies that show the benefits of meditation. A practice can start with something as simple as sitting in a quiet place watching your breath single-pointedly for a few moments. I believe it is essential to know why you specifically want to meditate as this will create a better chance of the practice becoming an everyday activity (in the same way brushing our teeth is.) The results from meditation are not fast however over time meditation can become a place of refuge and personal transformation. Watch the mind Throughout each day our minds are largely uncontrolled. We wish to be happy all the time however we do not know how to be truly happy. The practice of mindfulness can bring an alternative to our everyday reality. Living mindfully allows us to focus on one thing at a time fully rather than multitasking. The practice brings many benefits to each moment such as clarity and calmness. Maybe you could give mindfulness a go the next time you stop for a drink, rather than rushing the experience to get on with the next task simply slow the moment down and savor the experience fully. If you find this exercise of benefit you may wish to try approaching other parts of your life in the same way. Guard the mind

You are your own protector. I am a very big believer in you are what you think. If we acquaint our mind with non-virtue, it will become disturbed. Just like adding mud to a glass of water, it is very difficult for the water to become clear again, the same can be said when we mix it with unhelpful things. I love the ancient thought of making your mind like a block of wood. In doing so you make your mind solid and undisturbed by any external factor. The next time you are about to experience an unpleasant emotion you can break that state by guarding your mind and not allowing yourself to react in the same way as a block of wood.

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