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How to become all that you can be

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Welcome to ‘Three thoughts Thursday’ each week within this blog I will share the three thoughts that have been at the front of my mind over the last few days. I hope these three thoughts can be of benefit to you. Let’s jump straight in…

Craving and attachment

Something that appears in many Buddhist texts is the concept of craving and attachment as it is the root cause of so much of our suffering. We crave so many things such as chocolate, status, or a holiday (often not as good as we thought it would be when we get there) We become attached to so many things that elevate our self-importance such as self-cherishing and self-ignorance. if we stop and check ourselves, we have pride, hatred, jealousy, and anger running through our thoughts without any control. This week I have found time each morning to identify and label these unhelpful thoughts enabling me to see life more clearly, free from mistaken identity. I wonder if it would be of benefit to you to find a moment each day to stop, catch your thoughts, and reset when you need to.

Guard the mind

A friend of mine in a class this week said to the group ‘Be careful what you think because you can become that thought.’ I found his words so powerful because if I was someone that said to myself, I am not good enough at any point in my life and began to repeat this regularly then I could very easily turn into someone who truly believed this. I love the saying ‘guard your mind’ thinking about the above motivates me to ensure I protect myself from negative thoughts.

Be all that I can in every moment

I absolutely love the Rugby World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson's thought, ‘Be all that I can in every moment’. I first heard his idea on ‘The High-Performance Podcast’ where he talked about the achievement of winning the World cup not becoming his greatest moment as a human being as he did not want this to define him, instead he finds living in the moment and becoming all that he can his greatest motivation. I find this thought incredible on so many levels none more so than the fact that this mindset is available to all of us all the time.

Thank you for reading my three thoughts Thursday blog.

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