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Navigating the early stages of a recovery

A standout session that is worth sharing is where we provided a client with five tools to enable him to take back control and retain resilience in a very difficult situation. Please see the five points to navigate the early stages of such a recovery below:

1. Refuse to be beaten

Know what you specifically don’t want. This is extremely powerful as you will commit to never falling short. By fully committing to this thought, this can be the catalyst to start a recovery.

2. ‘Crack on’

Create the mindset, ‘I won’t freeze, get lost in my thoughts or simply come up with ideas – I will act now to move forward’.

3. Control the controllable

Control what is within your gift. Start with how you react and then focus only on the priorities you can control. These things you focus on will increase the speed of recovery.

4. ‘One thing at a time’

Tackle one priority at a time until it is completed before you move on to the next. Distractions will send you off course and delay your ability to navigate smoothly.

5. Play the game better than anyone

Learn the rules of your work but learn to adopt them to your advantage.

Leverage opportunities that enable you to work smart rather than hard.

This is a fundamental guide to navigating difficult situations not only in work but in everyday challenges we may face in life. This is just the beginning of such techniques, to find out more contact me:

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