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  • Mark elliott

5 ways to reduce anxiety and fear each morning.

What are your greatest fears?

They most likely come from three places the mind latches on to:

1. The past, commonly guilt.

2. The future, commonly anxiety.

3. The present moment, which is significantly less likely.

We have between sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day and we talk to ourselves ten thousand times a day, radio me is playing all day and all night in our


These thoughts generally focus on three areas:

1. Work-life

2. Homelife

3. Myself (me) (I)

We are obsessed with protecting ourselves and re-producing. For example, have you ever been angry when you are hungry? That’s an exaggerated fear of starving. That’s you saying I am scared something bad is going to happen and I don’t deserve this. We never stop our mental chatter as a way to protect ourselves.

Everything that has happened to us leaves imprints like crumbs on our mind and we find it hard to forget past events particularly unpleasant memories. For example, If you fall off a bike going around a corner as a child, that incident would leave an imprint, and if you were to go past it again on a bike you would most likely go slow out of fear and to protect yourself. However, someone else who has not experienced the same event as you pri