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Seeing a way forward...

Last year, I began working with a female entrepreneur who had suffered a professional and a personal set back through events which were not within her control. Throughout our time working together she made significant progress by harnessing her drive and resilience – skills she didn’t appreciate she already held. Outcomes she achieved through coaching were, a better work life balance, a stronger personal relationship with her partner and the best year her business has performed to date.

The key factors which drove these improvements were:

  • Focusing on the things she could control

  • Managing fear by developing a better relationship with negative feelings

  • Concentrating on priorities and not allowing distractions to overwhelm

  • Reviewing life when it is going right, rather than wrong, to help identify what works

  • Not caring about what other people think or making comparisons.

The benefits she found from adopting these key factors were:

· Contentment

· An end to trying to please people

· Clarity on what she wanted

· Ownership of her personal development

· Respectful relationships with others

· The confidence to say ‘no’

· Increased self-esteem and self-worth.

When you are in a difficult place you are sometimes a lot closer than you think to turning things around, you just need the tools to help you navigate through. My name is Mark Elliott I am a life and leadership coach. For more information contact

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