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4 ways to reduce potential problems in our mind

As we go to sleep we do not take our problems with us into the dream world, as we wake we do not take the dream world into the new day, so why do we in many cases take the previous day's problems into the new day? Why do so many people (like myself on many occasions) carry problems around like a bag of rocks, when waking what is the benefit of instantly familiarising ourselves with difficulties, allowing them to weigh us down once again holding us back resulting in some cases these problems presenting themselves mistakingly as permanent and a source of anger to arise from?

If this sounds familiar the great news is that change is possible with a few simple steps we can wage war on our negative thoughts which can be up to eighty percent of the eighty thousand we think each day. If we make a stance to live a more joyful life we stop situations spiraling out of control

The next four steps can be an aid in the moments we feel below par and carry to many rocks in our mind:

1 Time to stop

The world has never been this fast and will never be this slow again, we must take time to stop and sense check what we have been thinking, what direction we are going, and what are sound decisions to move forward. The benefit of this exercise will create greater hope, and clarity and increase imagination.

2 Perspective

It is very easy to climb a ladder propped against the wrong wall, taking time to think will enable you to see the big picture and determine if this thought, feeling, or action is worthy of taking up my time now and in the future.

3 Gratitude

Do you spend more time thinking about what you want rather than what you already have? If you can sit quietly and focus your thoughts on what you have for five minutes, you will likely realise that what you have is actually more than enough. Gratitude leads to a state of joy so what better way to spend an opportunity to relax

4 Opponent force

In this final point I suggest writing down, committing to then starting some activities that can help you take back control of the initial situation these activities could be:

Meditation, to gain clarity and peace of mind

Visualisation, to create the future you want in your mind

Dream setting: to have some essential things to work towards

Habits: some simple activities to drive yourself forward on autopilot

Change is always possible, what we do next not what we have done previously is all that counts.

Thanks for reading


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